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"I have never had so much fun in all my life!"

- Sam (Aged 22)


Archery Attack

What happens when you combine Archery and Dodgeball? You Get Archery Attack, a fun and exciting event for all ages and abilities. With just a foam-tipped arrow, one of our bows and a face mask, you can immerse yourself in an epic battle between friends, family or work mates.

What’s better is that arrow tag is fully mobile so all you need to do is provide the location and we will do the rest. We can even help find locations if you’re needing some suggestions.

Archery Attack Information

A few things to consider if you are considering Archery Attack

Space Requirements

You can play Archery Attack at your home, school or work venue (indoors and outdoors) to name a few potential locations. For a 10-bow event we need an area about 10×20 metres (that’s about the size of a tennis court) and for a 20-bow event about 20×30 metres. If you are not sure, call us and we will look at the possibilities.

What to Wear

There aren’t many weather conditions that will stop a game of Archery Attack so be dressed appropriately and comfortably. We recommend closed trainers to protect your toes. If it rains a light weatherproof jacket or alternatively a change of clothes and a towel. When the sun is shining you might get hot, so sun cream is essential. The only things that are not allowed are flip flops/open toed shoes and high heels.

Time Scale

For our mobile events they usually last 2 hours, however we can vary this as required.

We can run half day or full day tournaments, or shorter sessions to fit in as part of a carousel. We will run to your needs

Does it hurt?

The arrows have a large foam tip so that they should limit any injuries, however there is always the risk of the odd bruise. The event is also a physically demanding activity so be prepared to feel muscles you didn't know existed!

Ways to Play Archery Attack

Depending on your event there are a range of different ways to play archery attack.

2 Teams

With two teams of up to 8 players, you can play a range of games. Ideal for a Stag or Hen party, or between a grouo of friends


Part of a carousel of activities

With games taking around 10- 15 minutes each, why not use Archery Attack as part of a multi activity event. 

Company Tournament

If you have a large work force, why not organise a tournament between departments or get your staff to organise their own teams.

It could always turn into an annual competition.

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School Events

Why not make your house competition a little different with a cross year group competition, or even just a fun way to raise funds at a fete or charity event.

Our Games

These are an idea of the games we play. 

Five spot Practice

Using our 5 spot targets, you will get the opportunity to practice without the possibility of being hit by an opponent.

Battle Royale

Each player fends for themselves, when hit they must leave the game. Last man standing wins!

Protect The VIP

One team member (or willing volunteer) becomes the team's VIP. The team must then stop the VIP from being hit. The first team to hit the opposing VIP wins.

Capture the Flag

Team flags will be placed at opposite ends of the playing zone. All you have to do is return it to you zone without being hit.


Similar to a game of dodgeball, when you get hit you are out. First team to eliminate their opponents win. If you catch an arrow you can bring a teammate back in.

The Gauntlet

All you have to do is get to the other side with out being hit. The only problem is that everyone else is out to get you. Ideal for Stag Parties.

The Duel

A simple head to head between the two best shots or whoever you choose. A great way to crown a champion or finish an event. 

Want more information? 

Drop us a message and we will get back to you!

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