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Taking you into the unknown


Mobile caving system

Educational, Fun day Hire, Party Hire, School, Corporate, Team building. Email us for full details

Our unique mobile caving experience is now available for hire. 

 We have created a bespoke, realistic cave with over 100ft of squeezes, potholes and tunnels in one compact area.

An advantage to using the truck as a cave is that we can tow the climbing wall and carry archery equipment as well as instructors. This allows us to be able to offer this unique activity with other activities at the lowest cost to you.

Helmets, overalls and gloves provided to emulate the whole caving experience. Within every 2M there are emergency escape hatches, it is possible to hide these with a 'cat-flap' like door, or to leave them open for the more nervous. If a participant wishes to get out urgently we can assist them through the emergency exits.

The cave can be constructed in 20 minutes.

Realistic stalactites and sounds and the option for the cave to be pitch black.

Contact us for more information.